Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls: Frequently Asked Questions

What are ben wa balls?

Ben wa balls are another of those fun combinations of both sex toy and sex tool all in one! They are small spheres which are inserted into the vagina so that the vaginal muscles can clench around them. Depending on their size and shape, they are capable of stimulating either the clitoris, G-spot, sensitive inner vaginal walls, or all of the above. However, they're also a useful tool which can help exercise your vagina to make it stronger and tighter than ever before.

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Types of Ben Wa Balls

There are a huge range of ben wa balls to choose from. So much choice in fact, that deciding which set to buy can actually be a little intimidating!

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Choosing a Set of Ben Wa Balls

When it’s finally time to decide on your own set of ben wa balls, you’ll have quite a few decisions to make. There are numerous different types, sizes, weights and materials available. This leads to a staggering number of combinations!

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How to Use Ben Wa Balls

Once you’ve got your own set of ben wa balls, you’ll probably be keen to crack on and put them to use! While this is mostly very simple, there are a few things to bear in mind. You might also have a few concerns about how to use them, or situations where you shouldn’t use them.

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Ben Wa Balls and Sex

With anything you’re going to insert into your vagina, the most obvious thought is always going to be whether or not you can use it during sex.

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