How to Squirt with a Vibrator

Everyone knows men are capable of ejaculating during orgasm. It’s less commonly discussed that women have the same abilities. While a woman’s ejaculate isn’t intended for reproduction, it’s a side effect which can be quite explosive, and at times unexpected for a woman. Female ejaculation is commonly referred to as squirting.

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Vibrating Panties: Secret Pleasure in Public Places

Vibrators don’t always have to be long, cumbersome objects which need to be held and controlled manually the entire time. Some underwear is designed with a built-in vibrator for some extra fun without any of the effort. There are even vibrators which are designed to be attached to your existing panties or suitable to be worn with any style of underwear, so you don’t need an entirely new wardrobe for some fun on the move.

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Homemade Vibrators

A vibrator can be a handy tool to have available to you. Whether it’s a fun idea you and a partner have during sex, or a little frustration you need to get out of your system, they can bring you to new and interesting heights of sexual pleasure. But what if you don’t actually have one handy?

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Using a Vibrator for the First Time

Doing anything for the first time can be a little intimidating, and vibrators are no exception! To someone who has never used one before, the very idea of putting such an unusual looking object near your most personal body parts can make you a little queasy. Feelings like this will pass over time as you get used to using them, but for beginners it can be useful to know what to expect and how to get started.

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Naming Your Vibrator: The Bond Between Man (or Woman) and Machine

We’ve all got cute little nicknames for the important things in our lives. From our cars, computers, significant others, even phones. One thing you might not have thought about nicknaming though is your vibrator.

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