Yoni Eggs

Yoni Eggs - Chakras, Spirituality, Beliefs - Frequently Asked Questions

Can yoni eggs improve the health of your chakras?

Absolutely! Chakra healing is one of the primary abilities of it. Each egg is associated with one or more chakra points, and is capable of removing blockages and obstacles affecting the point's ability to function properly. Meditating with the proper yoni egg will help you become aware of whether or not the chakra point is healthy and what healing and focus you may need to restore them. A regular yoni egg user will be a person with healthy chakras and an active, regular energy flow throughout their body!

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Yoni Egg Crystals: Frequently Asked Questions

What do Obsidian yoni eggs symbolize?

Obsidian is the gemstone of change, truth, protection, and deep mystic knowledge. It is a deep, dark-colored, shining stone filled with secrets. Choose this stone if your life is going through major changes, if you are experiencing high amounts of stress and danger, or simply if you wish to deepen your spiritual knowledge and focus on your studies.

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Yoni Eggs: Frequently Asked Questions

What are yoni eggs?

These are ovum-shaped objects made from crystals or other semiprecious gemstones. They are meant to be inserted inside the vagina and perform a variety of functions. If used regularly, they can drastically improve pelvic floor muscle strength, sexual pleasure, and orgasm intensity. They can also decrease negative energy, lessen menstrual cramps and even completely remove incontinence issues. Spending some daily time with a yoni egg is a great way to both become healthier and strengthen your relationship with your vagina!

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Yoni Crystals

When buying a yoni egg, you need to carefully consider which crystal will be the yoni made out of. There are many different crystals to choose from, each with their own energies and benefits to your body.

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Yoni Eggs and Kegel Exercises

While there are a variety of different functions that a yoni fulfills, one of the most important is the training of the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles can become weakened throughout your life, leading to all kinds of problems.

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