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Mastering the Art of Hand Jobs: Tips and Techniques

Handjobs are often overlooked as a lame attempt to execute foreplay. But what exactly is it? A handjob involves stimulating your partner's genitals using your hands. It can be done as a form of ma...

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The Basics of Giving Head: Make Every Blowjob Experience Unforgettable

It's time to talk about the elephant in the room — giving head. To some, blowjob is "just" foreplay; however, to most, it is one of the mightiest sexual acts you can do to please someone with ...

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Ageplay 101: A Guide to Exploring Your Fantasies

Ageplay is a role-playing activity involving two or more consenting adults exploring and enacting different roles related to an age different from their own. It can include dressing up, speaking i...

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Explore the Male G-Spot: Please Your Partner and Yourself

  The Male G-Spot is an area of the male body that is often overlooked as a source of pleasure but is gaining more and more attention as an essential part of intimate play. Also known as the prost...

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