Collars For Men

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They said that chivalry is dead and that no man should be under a woman. If you're the chauvinist, sexist, gender-biased type who believes females should be inferior to the male sexes, then BDSM is not for you. In this game, anyone can be under anyone—even men can be under women.

If you're known as the macho, virile guy in town, people would perceive you as the dominant one in bed. But it could be the other way around. You may desire to be the opposite one—the sub. There's no greater pleasure in sex than being chastised by your partner, tied up on a rope, spanked on your thighs, and choked with your collar while she's riding on your chest, right?

Should you wish the world to know what you are in sex, the bottom, the slave, the submissive, then we have a set of collars that will shout to everyone who and what you exactly are. Our Collars For Men Collection offers a wide variety of choices to select from so you can flaunt your role as the sub in your relationship with your partner!

You can find collars made of faux and PU leather, fabric, mesh, and lace, which has designs that vary from minimalist prints to floral to studded with chains and metal spikes, and many more. Most of these designs have rings in the front to allow attachment of chains and leashes for further action. For the record and clarity reasons, these neck-straps are not for straights alone—these collars cater to the LGBT community, too! Whether your partner is a woman or another man, you can enjoy using them as long as it stirs you to be the bottom in your play.

With the versatility of these collars, there are several occasions when you can wear them. Unquestionably, these are worn during BDSM roleplays. Attach chains on them, hand the leash to your partner, and now you're the slave. Spice them up by adding handcuffs, slings, sex machines, and nipple clamps, and you're ready to the next level of kinky play!

Aside from using it on your naughty plays, you can wear them as a fashion statement by pairing them with your favorite shirt or casual attire to use for costume parties and cosplay events. The choice of how to wear them depends entirely on your discretion. One thing's for sure—if you buy it from us, you'll look good whatever collar you are going to use!

Start talking to your partner about getting one. Transparency about what you like and what you don't like in the play is crucial and essential. Know your limits and boundaries, and know what you can take and whatnot. Assign actions and words that can keep your wild game fun and entertaining, yet healthy and safe still. Once you're at the point to perform your role, impress your dom with your irrefutable obedience and overwhelming service!

As the man in the relationship, there's nothing wrong with being the sub. Take collars as an effective way to voice out what you are. Make it a tool to bring you to the ultimate enjoyment and pleasure! Choose your statement gear from the Collars For Men collection, or purchase them all!

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