Glass Dildos

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Get an amazing experience with sex toys as hard as rocks with our glass dildos!

This sex toy collection features solid and robust shafts that are harder than any erect penis. The best part about it is that they stay erect. If your man can't keep up with you during your wildest nights, we guarantee you that these sex toys can.

If you’re one of the beginners hesitating to try out these glass toys, it’s best you start with smaller sizes and slowly size up when you’re ready. These glass toys look intimidating, but they’re not scary at all. They don’t just look fancy, but they’re easy to clean and body safe.

We hope that you're ready to be dominated by a glass dildo because they're always at the ready. Each of them is made from high-quality Pyrex or Borosilicate glass. These sex toys are known to be the toughest ones in the market. They are less susceptible to any chipping or breaking and can withstand high temperatures.

All of this is also non-toxic, which means it doesn't include any harmful chemicals such as lead and BPA. They're completely hypoallergenic and can be used even by those who have sensitive skin types.

Since this is such a tough and solid material, don't be surprised when it has a bit of heft into it. Unlike our softer materials such as TPE and silicone which are both flexible and light, the one used for a glass dildo is a complete opposite.

Another glass anal dildo feature that you can enjoy is their waterproof capabilities. These products don't include any micro-pores that liquid can easily seep in through; they are called non-porous. Thanks to this advantage, it's more than okay to use it while you're in the shower, your tub, or even your pool. The possibilities are endless, and it's all up to you.

Just because a glass dildo is immobile doesn't mean that they're boring--far from it! Like any of our sex toys, there are different features that you can pick from. You can go straight and plain, curvy, bumpy, ribbed, dotted, or vibrating. There's also a combination of two or more of these styles for maximum pleasure.

Choosing the right size, style, shape, style, and surface-finish is critical in achieving the satisfying sensations.

A ribbed glass dildo drives your G spot wild. Its curve and shape gives an additional rigorous action. The ones with a gentle curve for the shaft are best for simultaneous stimulation of the clitoral and G spot. There are also the vibrating ones that boost your sexual pleasure with their vibes.

Keep in mind that the bigger the size you're going to take home, the heavier it's going to be. So if a weighty one inside turns you on, then you've just stumbled upon the perfect selection of love sticks you're ever going to get.

And no, it's not just transparent clear, if you were wondering. There are other color options available as well. You'll find solid blocks of hues or colorful specks and stripes all around. If you want crazy patterns or cute and fun designs, we have it here. There's truly a glass kind for everyone!

Another advantage that you can enjoy with it is temperature play. Each kind is made of a conductive material, therefore enabling them to withstand and absorb any temperature you wish. To achieve this, just submerge the love stick in hot or cold water for a minute or two. Once it’s warmed up, you can explore the joys temperature play has to offer.

You are free to use any lubricant that you wish–may it be water based, silicone based, etc. They're also effortless to clean. Simply lather the device with mild soap or a sex toy cleaner, and rinse thoroughly under lukewarm water. Make sure to do these steps before and after using for a fresh dildo ready for whenever!

What are you waiting for? Level up your sensual experience with these fancy toys!

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