Inflatable Gags

It's astounding how insatiable humans' hunger for sexual pleasure is, and the fondness for anything that has something to do with a sex toy's size is limitless. Maybe by now, you've seen—and probably own—an inflatable dildo. It combines practicality, novelty, and of course, brings you satisfaction with every pump. And if BDSM is your thing, we've got another gem for you to uncover. Come and take a closer look at our collection of Inflatable Gags!

Gags are a popular inclusion in BDSM sessions because of the shift of power it offers between the Master and the Slave. Wearing a muzzle transgresses petty forms of seduction as it seeks to reach a point of psychological connection.

These symbolical undertones are the main reason why the BDSM community continues to thrive, even if the vanilla society marks them with disdain and tags their activities as taboo. BDSM provides a link between physical gratification and emotional desire, which they can't find within a conventional sexual arrangement. And there is no better way to celebrate dominance than keeping your Sub's mouth silenced while declaring his or her body as your property. Lucky for you, we have all the right kinds of inflatable gags that you can use to make a lasting impression.

In this collection, you will find products of the finest materials. They are subjected to meticulous inspection to ensure that every item passes the quality standard. Each of the devices has an attached inflation bulb and an air-release valve that allows the gag to expand or deflate as you wish.

You'll find something you like in this product listing as it has all kinds of expanding gag you can imagine. If it's your Sub's first time to wear an inflatable muzzle, you might want to consider buying the butterfly gag to test things out. If he or she likes it, then you can move onto the bigger ones.

If your Slave is more of the adventurous type, you can get him or her a hooded gag. This type of mouthpiece is not for the faint-hearted because it combines sensory deprivation, the inability to speak, and breath play elements—all in one go.

Masters and Doms place a gag in their Sub's mouth to keep them quiet. But as it happens sometimes, Subs tend to loosen up their inhibitions, making their moans and groans even louder. With inflatable gags, you can always pump the bulb and make the muzzle bigger, so your Sub will take it as a sign to keep the noise down.

Before placing the muzzle in your Sub's mouth, make sure that there are no sharp dental works, teeth, or tongue earrings. Worst case scenario is that the inflatable gag will pop while lodged in your partner's mouth, and it can cause serious injury to your Sub. Also, set up safe signals so you'll know how far you both can take things. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Why downsize your chances for pleasure when you can expand things to your advantage? Start browsing through our selection of Inflatable Gags and choose one that suits your need. You won't regret it!

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