Metal Chastity Devices

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Are the more forgiving silicone cages not working for you anymore? Or perhaps you would like to take things up to a higher level? Whatever the reason is, this collection can change your relationship for the better.

We don't know what you think, but Lovegasm believes that the way to your partner's heart is by satisfying their sexual needs.

Cock cages do otherwise. Men get too much satisfaction that their partners believe they're becoming selfish. Our Metal Chastity Devices are made to deny those cocks any pleasure. It's time for the ladies to take over.

Run your fingers through the cold and solid hard material. Imagine this surrounding your precious package, completely voiding you of any sexual act. Just try and think of lustful moments, getting hard inside the cage will make you learn your lesson.

Once it's on, feel the weight on your cock and balls as they're pulled down by the metal. This is our most daunting collection ever as only the bold and brave can handle it. Your mistress will be more than amused by the different sensations brought by each device.

Still, we like to keep everything safe. You have our word that each cage is made from non-toxic stainless steel or metal. They're non-porous and also won't rust, so they're effortless to clean.

Included in this collection are prison cells that are fit for even the naughtiest of boys. Whether it's temporary punishment or permanent chastity, the sub will learn its lesson not to disobey their dominant.

This will take away all of your privileges of owning a frail serpent by completely encasing it. If you still want to see the dong, and maybe play with it, you can opt for our skeletal cages or catheters.

Only the mistress has the final word of each chastity device. When it's time for you to get locked down, your cock is immediately denied of any right to be pleasured. Even when you have to go to the bathroom, that wouldn't be a valid excuse. Each cock cage has a hole at the tip that lets your urine pass through. You can even take a shower with it on. So, be a good boy.

Keys are provided for your mistress' possession to make sure that you don't go sneaking around. Our products can come in an internal or a separate brass padlock to keep him in place.

Metal Chastity Devices have the most options to suit your preferences. You'd be lucky if she chooses a simple cage. But get down on your knees and beg for her forgiveness and mercy once she goes for the urethral catheters or spiked contraptions. There are even a few variants that have attachments for your genital piercings if you have them.

It's entirely up to you if your dominant partner decides to keep you there for longer. These products have been proven effective in denying a man's erection and libido. Are you ready to give up your manliness all for the sake of your queen?

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