Metal Collar

Everyone loves jewelry. May it be a subtle pair of earrings or an elegant diamond necklace, you are sure to attract attention whenever you wear one.

Chokers are no exemption. They are unique pieces of ornaments that are versatile and sexy.

This collection will offer you stunning pieces that are not just well-made but also enhance your body and boost your confidence. Meet our Metal Collar collection! It is a roundup of exquisite neckpieces, varied in colors, designs, and even makeup but has one vital role, to celebrate YOU as a person.

All these fantastic pieces use safe, durable, and magnificent looking metal. Stainless steel and zinc alloy are two of the most commonly used metals in making jewelry because they are highly durable and hypoallergenic. These mediums can withstand scratches and daily wear and tear. It is highly resistant to oxidation or rust so that you can enjoy its appealing physical features for more extended periods.

Moreover, metals are firm and possess a stunning luster comparable to more expensive gems. It represents glamour and taste without the hefty price!

If you are into the small but lasting impression, this collection has lots of modest pieces that are perfect for your taste. Additionally, it offers lavish items that will make for a huge impact wherever you go!

The different blend of materials is a new way to enhance any jewelry. The sleek, kind of rugged appearance of leather with the finessed look of metal is a remarkable pair.

Furthermore, metals are versatile in colors and finish. This collection includes a myriad of polishes that you can get. There is gold for that elegant and sexy vibe, silver for a much youthful aura, and of course, a gunmetal polish for the nasty chicks out there wanting to make a good impression! Whatever your flow is, you will indeed find the perfect kind of finish to enhance your outfit.

Don't stop there; the diverse design of these metal-made beauties is a must-have addition to your collection! This selection includes plain collars, chain neckpieces, even ones with intricate designs like cuffs or intertwined patterns. You will love to wear it alone or match it with other jewelry for a stunning effect.

The size will not matter as all these pieces have adjustable locks for your comfort. Make sure you achieve your desired snugness because you don't want nasty choking incidents to happen. Safety should always be your priority!

Yes, you can wear it casually, at parties and events. The fashionable statement of a lovely choker transcends time. But, as every naughty girl who always has a plan, you can keep this during your role-playing activities to achieve your kinky goals! These ornaments are well equipped for you to attach your favorite leash, and some products even include their very own rope for your convenience. Say goodbye to dull bedroom moments and hello to wild nights with your lover.

Yes, jewelry can make all the difference. But you always have to make sure that the kind of jewelry you choose can take the challenge! Grab any of these ornaments now!

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