Prince Wands

Give your Prince Charming a brand new sword with the products from this collection!

A living pleasure tool deserves a weapon of its own. When your little Johnny is tired of all the action, it's time to turn the tables around and give it some attention.

Let us present our solution to you in style. This wide array of urethral toys has the key to achieving your long-awaited sexual pleasure. Fulfill your deepest and darkest desires with a sex toy of your own...finally.

A Prince Wand is a penis plug that has unique accessories for those who have pierced shafts. You can find them useful if you have a genital piercing. If that's not enough, some of our products also have a penis ring that not only provides extra sensation but also keeps the tool secure inside without slipping out.

These swords are made from stainless steel, which is non-porous and non-toxic. It provides a brilliant luster and shine, offering a premium device for your flaccid private. Each tool goes through a series of strict quality checks to ensure that they're safe to use in the body and won't cause any damage.

Thanks to our team of quality experts, each product is high quality and doesn't contain any traces of harmful components such as lead and phthalates. A non-porous feature ensures that the toy is waterproof and can be used in the shower or in the tub. You can also use your favorite lube for easier insertion and a more comfortable experience.

You can choose whether you want to have something that will give you short-term satisfaction or long-term gratification. A urethral sex toy that has a hollow inner core and a hole at the tip enables the flow of both your urine and even your ejaculation fluid.

Most of these sex wands even come with additional adornments to give your cock some bling! If you have a Prince Albert done on your own Prince Eric, these wands will prove themselves useful to you. They have unique parts attached that can't be found on other products, specifically for your pierced shaft. Each plug will feel like it's been specially made for you.

Whatever you decide on your journey all depends on you. We rarely have straight and smooth devices in this collection as we like to keep things wild. There are some close to simple poles like our bullet-shaped toys.

For a positively sweet ride, we've got a lot of options for that choice. You can choose to go up and down, be surprised with unexpected turns, or test your limits with a tool with some girth. Pick up a short but sweet wand if you want to get the job done. Take home a lengthy boy to reach the deepest depths and trigger something explosive.

It sounds like a lot for just one collection, but we were just getting started. We'll leave the final decision in your hands and pick your poison from this variety. It'll be shipped to you in discreet packaging.

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