Ring Gags

Just as you thought no one would be interested in someone like you, who's into kinky sex, you tried for the last time to swipe right a profile that caught your attention. At last! The app said, "It's a Match!" You DMed her and started talking for a few hours until you both agreed to meet and have a one-night stand.

While together and as you enjoy gagging her mouth with your cock, she suddenly knocked three times. It was your cue to stop choking her. She was gasping for air when you put your dick out of her salivating, filthy mouth. She can barely breathe at that time. You thought it was going to be the end, for real. But luckily, she survived. It was traumatizing on your part.

From then on, you learned your lesson. Whenever you play it rough, you need to set limits and use the right stuff. Your partner should be able to open her mouth so wide that she can fill your dick in and still get some air to breathe. And that's what brought you here! You've reached the right page to find a variety of sex toys that suit your need, particularly sex gags for your playmate!

If you're looking for tools to stuff your woman's mouth, such that she won't be able to speak at all and to punish her because of the mere fact that you're a sadistic person, then our Ring Gags collection will give you several quality choices to choose from to keep your play naughty yet still safe!

Our collection offers gags that use only high-grade materials. You can find products made of synthetic and PU leather and nylon in their straps. They also boast fastening snap buttons, belts-and-buckles, and chains and harnesses that secure their locking mechanisms. These hinging parts are also adjustable to allow the user to wear them comfortably while at play. You can also find ring gags that feature time locks and padlocks for more fun. But what makes it stand out among other sex toys out there is that they feature dilator rings that use the finest stainless steel and alloys and hypoallergenic, phthalate- and BPA-free silicones and plastic, making them safe to use even when put to the mouth. They come in different designs, too, like spider-shaped and winged-type figures, to ensure they would not slide in and out of the mouth while worn.

The good thing about ring gags, unlike solid balls, is they allow breathing while keeping the mouth big and wide. They ensure safety, especially for those with breathing challenges when subjected to extreme activities, like rough, gagging oral sex. Ring gags also comfortably and effortlessly stretch the oral cavity so that the mouth, tongue, and cheeks won't get strained and feel numb even when worn for excessive, long periods. But of course, in the end, open communication between you and your partner plays a vital role in a fun and safe play. Know your limits and boundaries when it comes to sex!

In a nutshell, there are plenty of fishes out there who love kinky and bizarre sex, too, as you do. Get extremely adventurous when it comes to sex, but always have the proper equipment to safely and effectively execute the play. Get the ring gag of your choice from our collection, or grab them all!

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