Thrusting And Rotating Vibrators

Push forth and get toe-curling orgasms with the vibes in this collection!

Originally, vibrators simply pulsate, which results in waves of pleasure. Developments have allowed you to enjoy these sex toys handsfree. There are remote controls and harnesses. But, there are times when you just want to stick it in like you're getting rammed by hard cock. With the larger ones, you need to hold it in to simulate penetration. With the introduction of thrusting vibrators, you can do it easily. You can relax and let it work on your satisfaction. Here at Lovegasm, all these throbbing toys are within your reach!

Our Thrusting Vibrator collection features a wide variety of automatic penetrating vibrators. The most common design among these wonderful sex toys is the ridged neck. This provides the vibes with room for extension.  If you love powerful thrusting and screwing around the house, a thrusting dildo with suction cup is perfect for you! There are different sizes, colors and vibration modes for you to choose from. You can pick one that can fit your needs.  They're all going to plunge into your pleasure holes and fulfill your desires with every thrust!

Your drive to pleasure can give you full comfort with these sex toys. Because you deserve the best, only the finest materials make up the vibes. The materials range between silicone and ABS. These are hypoallergenic, so you're free from any harmful substances like phthalate, latex, BPA, and dioxin.  Moreover, they provide flexibility so you can let the vibe toys conform to your body. To ensure these top traits, the materials go through several quality control procedures.

There is a lot to experience with the ins and outs of these vibes. To ease you in, you can pour a generous amount of water-based lube on your toy and your body. This can provide a smooth transition into the rough penetration that you desire. It's also the most compatible with all materials. You can take all the pounding without a problem!

With mild to intense vibration patterns, these trusty sex toys can give you what you came for. Aside from the penetrating shaft, they also have a clit vibrator attached. It's double the fun for your solo sessions. You can just relax and let it do the work for you completely handsfree. When you're with your partner, you can use it in any situation. You can get yourself tied up while your partner pokes your hole with the vibes. To add more fun, you can even simulate a spitroast position and please your partner orally. It's going to be back and forth "bone-anza"!

When you're all satisfied, you can tidy up without any problems. You can wash your toys with warm water and mild soap. After rinsing, you can dry it out or wipe it with a clean towel. Once dried, you can store it in a safe place. More importantly, you have to make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight and volatile liquids like alcohol and acetone. By following these quick steps, you can enjoy the insertion for a longer duration!

Fulfill your cravings deep inside with your very own thruster sex toy from our Thrusting Vibrator collection!

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