Acrylic Nipple Stretching Piercing Jewelry
Acrylic Nipple Stretching Piercing Jewelry
Acrylic Nipple Stretching Piercing Jewelry
Acrylic Nipple Stretching Piercing Jewelry

Acrylic Nipple Stretching Piercing Jewelry

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Not all erotic plugs are inserted into dicks or buttocks. Some get through nipples. That's what this Acrylic Nipple Stretching Piercing Jewelry is for! These aren't your typical breast accessories as they can enhance your erotic play, as well.

These nipple accessories are shaped like bullets. Their bodies are broad and tapered at the ends. While actual pellets aim to harm their targets, these plugs are designed to please and tease. They increase sensitivity and improve sexual arousal once inserted into your punctured nipples. This simply means that every lick, kiss, stroke, and suck is felt intensely, making it easier to reach the elusive nipplegasmic pleasure.

Because they are adornments for your hottest assets, they make them even more desirable. It will be impossible not to gaze at your boobies when you wear these hypnotic jewelry pieces.

The nipple accessories are available in pairs, ensuring that both of your nips are accentuated. Moreover, they come in black, clear, and white colors, giving you the option of picking the plugs that suit your taste. You can also choose the size that fits you best.

But before you decide, get in touch with a reputable piercer first. While it may seem simple to pick the one you like, getting their advice is essential because they know what size matches your tits. This way, you won't waste your money on the wrong pair of jewelry. Also, let them pierce these accessories into your perky breasts. Avoid doing it yourself and leave it to the pros. These people know how to do it right.

Get nipple accessories that will adorn and please your titties. Order these Acrylic Nipple Stretching Piercing Jewelry by clicking the "Add to Cart" button! Hurry, stocks are selling out quickly. Don't miss your chance to get nipple accessories as striking as these.

Color White, Black, Clear
Material Acrylic
Dimension Length: N/A
0.06 inch (1.6 mm)
0.08 inch (2 mm)
0.12 inch (3 mm)
0.16 inch (4 mm)
0.20 inch (5 mm)
0.24 inch (6 mm)
0.31 inch (8 mm)
0.39 inch (10 mm)
0.47 inch (12 mm)
0.55 inch (14 mm)
0.63 inch (16 mm)
0.71 inch (18 mm)
0.79 inch (20 mm)
Package Inclusion 2 X Nipple Piercings