Adjustable Leather Sex Muzzle

Adjustable Leather Sex Muzzle

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Dirty talks can be a major turn-on, but only to an extent. If the heat is in the moment, but your Sub keeps ruining it because she can’t shut her mouth, then you need a tool to hush her down. Why not focus on your erotic bondage session and let the Sadistic Coercion Sex Muzzle take care of silencing your Sub?

This harness mask is a sure-fire way to eliminate unnecessary noise in your power play. It looks very stylish in black—the universal color of kink! The synthetic leather straps are fully adjustable, so it fits snugly around your Sub’s head. Simply move the buckles through the holes on the straps as you would with normal belts, and you’re guaranteed to achieve a tailored fit that’s suitable for extended wearing. But the most notable part of this sex mask is the silicone ball gag. The red ball gag has holes on its surface so that air can pass through and through, thus providing easy access for breathing. This product uses high-quality materials to ensure that your BDSM session will be a safe one. Less room for risk means more room for fun!

As a responsible Dom, you should put your Sub’s safety over your cravings for satisfaction. Before placing a muzzle over her mouth, makes sure that your Sub does not have colds or an upset stomach. Avoid untoward incidents by setting up a safe signal so you’ll know when to ease up and when to keep going. And because your Sub cannot speak, you should never leave her alone for a long time.

Surprise your partner on your next naughty session. Discover all the sexy ways of keeping her silent with the Sadistic Coercion Sex Muzzle. Purchase this accessory before stocks run out, or you’ll be sorry you didn’t act fast.


Color Harness: Black
Ball Gag: Red
Material Synthethic Leather
Dimension Length:
Upper Strap (Back): 3.94 to 7.87 inches
Lower Strap (Back):
Total Length: 25.59 inches
Adjustable Length: 7.25 inches
Ball Gag: 1.81 inches