Badass Black Leather Rabbit Mask
Badass Black Leather Rabbit Mask
Badass Black Leather Rabbit Mask
Badass Black Leather Rabbit Mask

Badass Black Leather Rabbit Mask

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Have you ever wondered why the famous (or infamous) men's magazine, the Playboy, bears one the most recognizable logos? They even call their gorgeous models bunnies, and Pamela Anderson was one of them. Well, you don't need to be as voluptuous as Pamela to be a bunny because you are already sexy to be a rightful bearer of the Cosplay Perfect Black Rabbit Mask. Put this on, and you'll be ready to hop, hop, hop!

Hop your way to wanderlust and be a sexy rabbit that loves to hump. This black leather mask will make your role play both erotically fun and sexually blissful. As it's crafted from synthetic leather, not a single animal has perished for its hide. So if you're vegan, this leather mask is for you. It may not be genuine, but its quality will impress you. It's skin-friendly and just as durable, too.

It is one of the Rolls Royce of rabbit masks as it's designed with impeccability. All attachment points are riveted for reinforced durability. All its metal parts enhance its aesthetics while ensuring this headgear will remain intact and damage-free during a rough and wild sexual encounter with your babe.

This bunny mask features a muzzle, and inside, there's a panel to cover to mouth. Your vision won't be obstructed as there are holes for yours to see through. And best of all, the ears will bounce when you skip or jump.

A mask with a size that fits all, it doesn't matter how small or big your head is as the straps allow adjustability. Find the perfect fit, and once you do, fasten these bands to hold the mask in place. Create fun memories in the bedroom, at Halloween parties, and at cosplay events, too! Can't wait to be a bunny? Buy now and have fun soon!


Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: NA
Circumference/Thickness: Adjustable