Black Acrylic Butt Pearls
Black Acrylic Butt Pearls
Black Acrylic Butt Pearls
Black Acrylic Butt Pearls
Black Acrylic Butt Pearls
Black Acrylic Butt Pearls
Black Acrylic Butt Pearls
Black Acrylic Butt Pearls

Black Acrylic Butt Pearls

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Pearls are not only meant to adorn a woman's neck, ears, wrists, or fingers. They are more than just adornments. Take, for example, our Black Acrylic Butt Pearls. These shiny round black orbs may look great on either of your wrists, but the metal ring at the end says this string of pearls doesn't belong there. Where are they supposed to go? Right up your booty, of course!

Count 1 to 10, because that's the total number of beads. Insert them one by one, and feel the pop with every bead going in. But the real magic happens when you slowly pull them out right before or during your climax. Feel an outburst of blissfully orgasmic sensations and get an overdose of feel-good hormones.

What strings them together is a sturdy nylon cord so you can put them in with confidence without having to worry about losing one or two beads inside. At the end of the string is a pull ring not only for easy retrieval but also to reinforce safety. It also serves as a stopper, ensuring that the balls won't go any further where they shouldn't be.

They may seem small at 0.59-inch diameter, but wait till you have tried one of them. Your butt has a tight hole, so it's necessary to apply lube into your opening and on the beads. Slowly push one bead at a time to avoid tearing the delicate tissue in your bum.

To enjoy it more, make sure that your genital is also stimulated so that when you're about to explode, the beads will intensify your orgasm as you extract them. The pearls of joy are made of acrylic, so they're hard but with a very smooth surface. Use water-, oil, or silicone-based lube as these are safe to use, and they are compatible with the material. Most importantly, don't forget to wash the beads, particularly the string before and after use.

Want these pearls to create magical sensations in your ass? Buy now!

Color Black
Material Acrylic
Total Length: N/A
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: N/A
Beads: 0.59in

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