Black CBT Humbler With Cuffs
Black CBT Humbler With Cuffs
Black CBT Humbler With Cuffs
Black CBT Humbler With Cuffs
Black CBT Humbler With Cuffs
Black CBT Humbler With Cuffs

Black CBT Humbler With Cuffs

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When your slave keeps disobeying you, it’s time to remind him that his place is at your feet! Keep him on his knees and trap his balls with a twisted and sadistic bondage contraption.

The Black CBT Humbler With Cuffs will keep your slave on the ground…where he belongs! Curved to fit beneath his voluptuous ass, this oh-so-devious instrument will pull his pitiful balls and prevent him from moving, keeping him in his bent position and at your mercy. And with the detachable ankle cuffs, it will make your boy toy completely helpless!

Are you ready to punish your passive partner with this devilishly kinky device? Make sure he’s up for this challenge first! Torturing one’s cock and balls isn’t everybody’s cup of kink, so be sure to ask for his permission before playing with his manhood with this tool. Also, you have to talk about the rules and limitations you and your man are about to follow. And oh, make sure you establish a safe word or gesture that will tell you when the scene is too much for him.

Once you’ve sorted out everything, then you can punish him and his woeful balls all you want. Bend him over and put his nuts in the humbler by twisting the knobs on both ends. Attach the cuffs to the clasps, wrap them around his ankles, and he’s ready to receive the punishment he deserves.

Tickle his bounded balls, slap his exposed butt—do anything you want until he screams in luscious pain and begs for your mercy. Then, for added thrills, put a blindfold on his head or a gag in his mouth. Doing so will leave him no choice but to receive the pain and pleasure you give him!

Remind your slave of his place—confined to the ground at your feet! Get the Black CBT Humbler With Cuffs now!


Color/Type Black
Material Cuffs: Synthetic Leather
Clasps: Metal
Knobs: Plastic
Humbler: Wood
Dimension Length: 15.6 inches
Width: 0.75 inch
Cuffs - 6-10 inches (adjustable)
Inner Diameter - 0.75 inch
Outer Diameter - 2 inches
Weight: N/A