Classic Braided Black Leather Whip

Classic Braided Black Leather Whip

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The real test of a good Sub is when you are open to a new set of erotic toys. Your Master is an extremist who likes to match your energy with a sound lashing. You enjoy playing around with erotic punishment tools, so you are always up for a challenge!

And if you are all about going for daring moves in bed, then you will love the Classic Braided Black Leather Whip is the perfect tool for you. This PVC leather is eye candy that will enhance your sessions. Its 47.24 inches thong is pure seduction with its flexibility and pretty facade. This material has a smoothness that will feel luxurious when glazed on the skin. Several strips of PVC leather are on the tip of the for added sensation. It's soft enough for gentle touches, yet it will take all the intense whipping you have in mind.

This one-tailed lashing tool has a thick thong. When wielded in the right way, you can expect to have a severe blow to the target area. Also, this will create that erotic swishing sound that you always enjoy hearing during the impact session.

Moreover, this apparatus has a convenient handle. It's thickened with leather and stable enough for a passionate beating. Don't forget to bring out your catsuit as well as your mask. Enjoy the out-of-body experience when you experiment with this kinky tool.

Make sure you discuss your limits and other concerns before starting the deed. Assigning a safe word for a time-out is also important. These things should participate with transparent consent and a run-through on how things will be.

When the playing is through, give time to wipe off all excess debris on the tool. You can do this with a damp cloth, then do another round with a dry one.

Give yourself a treat and get this lashing device today!

Color Black
Material PVC Leather
Dimension Length: 47.24 inches (120cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

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