Dual Respirator Oxygen Mask Fetish Gear
Dual Respirator Oxygen Mask Fetish Gear
Dual Respirator Oxygen Mask Fetish Gear
Dual Respirator Oxygen Mask Fetish Gear

Dual Respirator Oxygen Mask Fetish Gear

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Your next BDSM session will have an exciting theme: You are going all out, and you want to fulfill your dream to be a Fireman. You like fitting into these kinds of role-playing activities because they bring out a different side of you. Being a fireman for a night will be incredible! With their courageous stance and traditional muscled persona, you are thrilled your Sub feels the same way!

If you want to have an in-depth kind of theatrics during your sensual show, you need the Dual Respirator Oxygen Mask Fetish Gear. This mask is one for the books because it has sinister-looking details that this mask is known for. It may not be the same fireman gear, but it looks pretty close.

This is made of high-grade ABS and plastic materials, all reliable mediums you can count on for more extended periods of wear. Aside from its monstrous filters, this mask does have an extensive inhalation valve. This part is not just for aesthetic purposes; you can use this mask outside as protection from actual dangerous airborne viruses. It features elastic headbands that you can place on your head for stability. As these are highly stretchable, fit and comfort won't be a problem.

Masks are effective ways to transform your persona into any villain or hero you want to exude. All you need now is your Fireman uniform, helmet, gloves, and boots, then let diversions begin!

Taking care of this mask is a critical way to make sure you get lots of use. You do have to change the filters from time to time, mainly if you've used this mask outdoors. You can also wipe the parts of this gear with a disinfectant for better sanitation.

You can be anything you want to be in your sex dungeon; that's why you are so into it. So make all your wild dreams come to life, and add this mask to your collection today!


Color Gray with White, and Sky Blue
Material ABS
Dimension Length: 6.30 inches
Circumference/Thickness: 4.72 inches