Full Face Rubber Gas Mask

Full Face Rubber Gas Mask

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You have been into bondage play, and you find fulfillment in every scene. Yet something in you craves for more. You've recently watched a movie about war, and those soldiers wearing gas masks awakened a fetish in you.

You suddenly desire to dehumanize your slave more, and his enjoyment with masks will surely make him agree with using one that limits oxygen intake. You long for the element of mystery in your scenes, and keeping his face hidden behind a mask elevates your thrill and excitement. You now realize a gas mask will elevate your experience. So why not make his heart beat faster and louder with the Full Face Rubber Gas Mask? It's an industrial-grade mask that you can employ to control your slave and make him more submissive.

Made of top-of-the-line materials, this high-quality mask is lightweight, soft, snug-fitting, and comfortable. Hence, ideal for prolonged use. Advanced medical-grade silicone hood is elastic, making it suitable for all sizes of heads. This material is also hypoallergenic; thus, it is a better option than plastic. Excellent vision is guaranteed by the circular anti-fog PE lenses, each secured with an eyepiece metal surround.

Great for an enclosure, this gives you the upper hand to restrain, punish, and discipline your slave. Associated with war, a nuclear explosion, and a pandemic, this gas mask will give him the creeps as he sees himself in the mirror. Bewildered, for sure, he will be, but that's what you want him to feel as you control him psychologically.

A bonus will be that muffled voice; one that sounds like a robot or Darth Vader's voice. Isn't that creepy and sexy? While great for BDSM scenes, this gear will also effectively filter out toxins and pollutants. Use it when you paint or spray insecticides as it will give you the protection you need.

Give in to your fetish and make your scenes more heart-pounding soon! Better buy now than later!


Color Grey
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: NA
Circumference/Thickness: NA