Human Pup Rubber Dog Mask

Human Pup Rubber Dog Mask

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You can't resist it anymore. It's either you let it out, or you'll be forever damned. But, while you're so into latex and breath play, you also want to let that puppy inside you play boisterously. So, get everything you need in one great mask, and be transformed from human to canine in a snap!

Put on the Human Pup Rubber Dog Mask. Like the movie The Mask, this latex hood will let you enter the headspace of a dog so you can act and behave like one without trying so hard.

The first thing you'll notice is the absence of holes for ultimate sensory deprivation. This full coverage will up the ante in your sessions as you will turn blind temporarily. While darkness envelopes you, you will be reliant on your Master taking the lead. Without holes in front of your nose, you'll be deprived of oxygen. When breath play is done right, you'll have a more exhilarating experience. As distinct as the nose is the mouth, but again, without any holes. You can't gasp for air, and your screams will be muffled. The mask also has two short ears that are forever upright.

This hood will fit heads measuring from 22.05 to 23.62 inches in circumference and necks from 14.57to 15.75 inches in outline. On the back of this hood, you'll find a zipper that will hold the mask in place. So when you need to gasp for air, reach for this zipper and unzip it right away. With this locking mechanism, this gear can offer hassle-free play.

Mystery heightens when your eyes are covered and your other senses blocked. This hood will help you focus on the sensations in and around your genitals and other erogenous parts. This puppy mask is for all genders, so have fun being a black pup.

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Color Black
Material Latex
Dimension Thickness: 0.06 inch (1.6 mm)
Will fit if: Head is 22.05-23.62 inches (56-60 cm)
If neck is 14.57- 15.75 inches (37-40 cm)

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