Pearly Seduction Breast Jewelry
Pearly Seduction Breast Jewelry
Pearly Seduction Breast Jewelry
Pearly Seduction Breast Jewelry
Pearly Seduction Breast Jewelry
Pearly Seduction Breast Jewelry

Pearly Seduction Breast Jewelry

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Recently, things in the bedroom have been boring. You can’t help but notice that your husband now chooses sleep over making love. It’s understandable because you’ve both been very busy at work, and by the time you reach bedtime, you’re all tired and sleepy. But you also know that it can’t go on like this—you were once a very sexually active couple. You used to do it twice a day, every day. Whatever happened to your sex drive?

Remember how wild you were back in the day? At the height of the grunge era, when everyone jumped on the bandwagon of tattoos and piercings, you had both in one session. You were a fan of these body modifications. Reminiscing, you peaked at your boobies to check if the piercing was still there. Yup, you can still wear bling. That’s when the idea hit you—time to bring sexy back!

To successfully rekindle the romance between you and your husband, you must choose the right tools of the trade. If you’re thinking of donning nipple rings once again, then the Pearly Seduction Breast Jewelry is one of the finest options you have.

These accessories are made of high-quality stainless steel. This material is rustproof, hypoallergenic, and nickel-free. In short, it is completely safe for the body. It also requires very minimal upkeep, so you can remove it and put it in storage anytime, without an issue. 

This item comes with a pair of barbell-type rings and two stunning nipple shields. The bar’s gauge is 14G, so you can rest assured that your piercings will stay right where they should be.

The nipple shields are as elegant as you can imagine. It has U-shaped cable chains with pearl beads dangling around the frame. You have the option of choosing a five-pearl pendant or a three-pearl shield. Some say the heavier, the better—but you do you, honey. At the end of the day, you have to be comfortable in order to succeed in your seductive mission.

 Add the Pearly Seduction Breast Jewelry to your cart now, and reconnect with your inner wild child soon!

Color Silver with White Pearls
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Bar: 0.63 inch (16 mm)
Gauge: 14G- 0.06 inch (1.6 mm)
Ball: 0.20 inch (5mm)
Package Inclusion 2 Pcs Nipple Rings