Pleasure Controller Estim Power Box
Pleasure Controller Estim Power Box
Pleasure Controller Estim Power Box
Pleasure Controller Estim Power Box

Pleasure Controller Estim Power Box

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Electro play is part of your erotic routines. Your intimate moments would be uninteresting without one of you getting shocked. It is for this reason that your TENS unit is now broken. You thought you just needed to replace the batteries, but as it turned out, the power box was already busted. Though you can buy an entirely new set, you don't want to throw away the other parts since they are still working. It's only the power unit that needs replacement.

If that's the case, you'd better get this Pleasure Controller Estim Power Box! You no longer need to buy a new e-stim kit or throw the other components of your favorite e-stim equipment. This will be enough to experience electrifying sensations once more.

Don't underestimate this power unit. It may be small, but it gives mind-blowing sensations that you and your partner will enjoy. This pleasure device offers a wide range of shock modes, from stimulating spasms to exhilarating jolts. From these modes of electricity, you can choose the intensity just right for you or your lover.

If you want to experience these magnetic sensations, make sure your power box is working. Prepare your AAA battery and place it in the unit's battery compartment. Connect your e-stim tool to the device and press the ON button. You can then aim it at your target spot and enjoy. Press the mode key to change the shock intensity if the strength isn't enough. Push it repeatedly until you reach the desired level of shock intensity. Turn off the unit and unplug the e-stim device when you and your partner are done. Oh, take the battery out when not in use to save energy.

With this Pleasure Controller Estim Power Box, you don't need to buy a brand-new E-Stim set, which can be costly. So, what's holding you back from purchasing this unit? Get it now so you can enjoy it soon!

Color/Type White
Material Plastic
Electronic Parts
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A