Power Banger Anal Fuck Machine
Power Banger Anal Fuck Machine
Power Banger Anal Fuck Machine
Power Banger Anal Fuck Machine
Power Banger Anal Fuck Machine
Power Banger Anal Fuck Machine

Power Banger Anal Fuck Machine

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Females with an excessive appetite for sex are not easy to please. Either you spend a lot of time on foreplay, or you hump for 30 minutes in vain. The idea of non-stop pounding for half an hour is impossible.

Sex is good, but it's energy-consuming. Unless you're on Viagra, you will never be able to screw your insatiable queen for as long as she desires. Then, there are those days when you are not in the mood, but she is super hot to trot. What you need is a sex ally that will keep your lady gratified when you are low on stamina.

The Power Banger Anal Fuck Machine will be your reliable sex buddy. It's consistent, and it will never run out of juice. It features a stable base as it has four strong suction cups. Even when set at its highest speed, this machine remains stable.

It can be adjusted to a desired angle and height so that your lady can enjoy it more comfortably from a variety of positions. Offering automatic retracting and telescoping features, it provides an excellent hands-free experience.

Hands-free play is easy and hassle-free with a power control that can be adjusted by simply twisting the knob. You can gradually increase the frequency to let your partner enjoy a variety of stimulations. The great thing about this cock thrusting machine is that it's not battery-powered. It comes with a cable that plugs directly into an electrical socket. You can expect a continuous stream of pleasure because it will never run out of juice.

It's compatible with any detachable dildo to suit any game plan you have in mind. The versatile sex machine works great not only with asses but also with pussies.

The device is built from high-quality metal, so it's durable. It's highly controllable, so you can give your hands and your cock some freedom. You can have her butt or her pussy fucked with the machine while you get your partner to suck your dick! Buy now to enjoy your sexy time more than ever!


Color Black, Pink
Material Metal (Machine)
Dimension Length:
Base: 14.57 inches (370 mm)
Gun: 9.45 inches (240 mm)
Extension Rod: 4.72 inches (120 mm)
Base: 0.79 inch (20 mm)
Base: 5.91 inches (150 mm)
Gun: 1.97 inches (50 mm)