Prancing Pony Leather Horse Mask

Prancing Pony Leather Horse Mask

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When the heavens blessed men with enormous dicks, it seemed like your husband took all the grace from up above. He has an undeniably whopping and gigantic hung cock, which you enjoy all the time—every tip of it. It's the very reason why you tease him, Richie, the Horsie. His cock is like a horse's.

If your man is like a colt with his dick, get him a costume that suits his swaggering manhood. The Prancing Pony Leather Horse Mask will best match that staggering magnum!

This vintage-looking mask resembles a Medico della Peste, or known as the Plague Mask. The only difference is that it has the head of a horse instead of a crow’s. It's made of PU leather, studded with metal buttons all across, with faux fur on its head part to mimic a real horse's figure. It has transparent protection on its eyes, making it possible for your man to still see through the facial covering as he wears it. It measures 11.42 inches long, 7.48 inches high, and 7.48 inches wide. It features a belt-and-buckle locking system at its back, making it adjustable to many adult head sizes. With the belt mechanism, you're sure that the headgear won't fall off every time he uses it.

Using it is easy-peasy. Place it on top of your man's head, pull it down to fit his entire face, then secure the belt at the back, and there you go. Experience being exploited by a monster-like entity as he wears it while fucking the hell out of your pussy with his monstrous dick. Get ready to get banged until your vagina swells from extreme pounding. Enjoy the fun until you both reach your orgasm.

When you're through, clean the leather mask only using a leather-friendly sex toy cleaner. Wipe off all the dirt and sweat to eliminate the foul smell on it. Hang it in your cabinet, and reuse it as necessary.

Let your man prance like a stallion with the Prancing Pony Leather Horse Mask. Get this piece now!


Color Black
Material PU Leather
Synthetic Fur
Dimension Length: 11.42 inches (29 cm)
Width x Height: 7.48 inches x 7.48 inches (19 cm x 19 cm)