Professional 16G Nipple Piercing Kit
Professional 16G Nipple Piercing Kit
Professional 16G Nipple Piercing Kit
Professional 16G Nipple Piercing Kit

Professional 16G Nipple Piercing Kit

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You have invested countless hours training to become a professional piercer. After you've obtained your license, you are eager to start a salon - admit it or not - reap the rewards of your study efforts. However, running a business is always a risk, a gamble. Sometimes you lose, and sometimes you win. Moreover, setting up a business is another investment.

If you want to have a sure gain rather than a loss, ensure that you get quality and cost-saving assets. In your field, nothing beats the Professional 16G Nipple Piercing Kit in keeping a company an income-generating piggy bank. Imagine; you can get 22 products in one purchase. How good is that?

It's indeed a professional's kit as it's a complete set of piercing paraphernalia. It comes with a pair of silicone gloves for a clean operation for your customer. And for you to accurately hold your small items, there are the forceps, too. But of course, you need to clean the skin's surface with alcohol pads. Yes, this set has two of them as well. Once everything is clean and ready, tear a pack of needles. Five sterilized and safe to use prickers come with your purchase. Lastly, your procedure won't be complete when you don't pierce the nipples with the rings.

And guess what? This product has 12 pieces of high-quality stainless steel rings! These six pairs differ in design—a barbell-type, a horseshoe, a captive ring, a curved, an arrow, and a labret stud. They all have a gauge size of 16G, the size that's the standard in the piercing industry. Should you need to know its measurement, that's 0.05 of an inch or 1.2 mm.

Look forward to the fruit of your labor when you have the Professional 16G Nipple Piercing Kit. You can have all these items by doing just two simple steps: hit the add to cart button and process your order. Good luck!

Color Gloves: Black
Forceps: White
Rings: Black
Material Stainless Steel, ABS, Silicone
Gauge Size 16G: 0.05 inch (1.2 mm)
Package Inclusion 12 Pieces Nipple Rings; 1 Pair Silicone Gloves. 1 Piece Forceps; 5 16G Needles; Alcohol Pads