Ready for Punishment Rubber Mask

Ready for Punishment Rubber Mask

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When your slave starts disobeying you, you need to put him in the right place. Give him the punishment he deserves to learn his lesson. You can tie him up, deprive him of what he wants, or whip his body. But if these things don’t work, then you need to take your punishment up a notch. You can humiliate your slave by putting a headpiece on his head, but not just any headgear. Use this Ready for Punishment Rubber Mask instead! Once you put it on him, he has to be prepared to get humiliated!

Made of rubber, this mask looks intimidating but fits perfectly around the wearer’s head. It has eye holes, enabling the user to see what’s ahead of him. Meanwhile, the mouth opening grants you access to his lips. At the back of this racy mask lies a zipper for added convenience. Just put it around his head, zip it down, and he’s all yours!

Take his clothes off, put handcuffs on his hands and a whiteboard around his neck saying, “I’M A BAD SLAVE. DON’T COPY ME.” Drag him outside using a leash and humiliate him in any possible way you can.

If he begs for your mercy, but you’re still not happy with the punishment you gave, you can leave it on his head and chastise him even more. The mask doesn’t have ear and nose holes, which means his senses are limited. He won’t hear or smell what’s about to come unless it touches his skin. What a kinky way to punish your boy toy!

When the punishment is over, take the mask off his head and clean it with soapy water, and keep it away from other toys, dust, and of course, prying eyes.

Put your naughty slave into his place with this Ready for Punishment Rubber Mask. Get one now!


Color Black
Material Rubber
Dimension Head Circumference:
S – 22.05 inches
M – 22.44 inches
L – 22.83 inches
XL – 23.23 inches
XXL – 23.62 inches
Thickness: 0.02 inch