Realistic Gas Mask Fetish Cosplay Gear

Realistic Gas Mask Fetish Cosplay Gear

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Head to the most exciting BDSM scenes when you have a badass tool to dominate. No, it isn't a whip nor a chain. It is the Realistic Gas Mask Fetish Cosplay Gear. Put this mask on your slave, and she'll become more submissive.

It may not be an industrial or combat mask, but it looks realistic to bring the desired effect. This mask comes with an elastic head harness to hold it in place. It is with a size that fits most adults. As it's made to look as realistic as possible, this mask seems to have most of the essential parts: inhale and exhalation valves, voice emitters, and others. The facepiece body has an ergonomic shape for maximum comfort during prolonged wear.

Although it covers the nose and the mouth, your slave can still breathe through the vent holes. And since a slave mustn't talk unless asked to, this realistic gear will do a great job keeping her mouth shut. And you won't have to hush her when she starts to get noisy during your play.

If you are keen on covering your face during your BDSM scenes, this ruthless-looking mask will transform you into an anonymous punisher or executioner. The fact that you are unrecognizable and unfamiliar will drive your servant on edge. But wait, there's more. You can put this gear on when going to a cosplay event. Try to look like a space pirate or a nuke scientist. How about trying to scare everyone at a Halloween party with this on your face?

This badass gear is made of A-grade rubber that's durable and easy to clean. Wash it with water and soap, rinse, and wipe it dry before you stash it away.

With this mask within your reach, you'll have tricks up your sleeve all the time! Grab now before you miss it!


Color Black with gray
Material Latex
Dimension Length: NA
Circumference/Thickness: NA (Fits most adults)