Resin Chasity Sissy Cage
Resin Chasity Sissy Cage
Resin Chasity Sissy Cage
Resin Chasity Sissy Cage
Resin Chasity Sissy Cage
Resin Chasity Sissy Cage
Resin Chasity Sissy Cage
Resin Chasity Sissy Cage
Resin Chasity Sissy Cage
Resin Chasity Sissy Cage

Resin Chasity Sissy Cage

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Color Black
Size Small

The experience of wearing a cock cage depends on a lot of things. One significant factor in choosing the perfect cage is if the shape works for what you want.

Well, take a look at the Sissy Wrangler Resin Cock Cage, and you will be fascinated with how each part of this piece works together to make it comfortable and satisfying.

This is made of high-quality resin, an excellent material that will make your playing easier with its stretchable and bendable quality. Resin is nonporous, hypoallergenic, and has no funny smell for you to enjoy your cage play. Aside from that, it is easy to clean and is also durable for more prolonged use.

Moreover, this cage will enclose most of your shaft and prevent it from getting excited. Yes, you can easily wear this under your clothes for a full teasing experience.

This particular model is available in two magnificent colors, a sleek black, and a sexy clear variant. You can choose one, maybe even two; these are all great additions to your collection.

Additionally, this comes with various sizes of cock rings to accommodate your needs! The secret to a comfortable cock cage experience is the right size of a ring to bind your balls. You don't want a tight-fitting ring ruining your moment or a much larger ring not doing the job well. With ring diameters ranging from 1.26 inches to 1.97 inches, you are sure to find the right fit for you.

To maintain a safe cage play, make sure you don't skip washing this with water and soap. Don't let moisture sit on its surface as it may ruin its material. Then, wipe it dry with a clean cloth and place it in a proper container.

This is the one-of-a-kind cage you need for that one-in-a-million adventure! Add this to your purchase today!


Color/Type Black, Clear
Material Resin
Ring Dimension Width/Diameter:
37mm (1.42 inches),
40mm (1.58 inches),
45mm (1.77 inches),
50mm (1.97 inches)
Cock Cage Dimension Width/Diameter: 32mm (1.26 inches)
Length : 50mm (1.97 in)


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