Sexy Transparent Adult Restraints
Sexy Transparent Adult Restraints
Sexy Transparent Adult Restraints
Sexy Transparent Adult Restraints
Sexy Transparent Adult Restraints
Sexy Transparent Adult Restraints

Sexy Transparent Adult Restraints

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Going home after a long and hard day at work, you went straight to the kitchen and looked for a bottle of beer. Sadly though, you didn't find any, but your gaze instantly locked up with something that instantaneously drove you horny—a whipped cream.

You know what they say, "the best way to shoo stress away is to have someone fuck the stress out of you." So it's you and your partner with whipped cream; what else is still missing? Oh well, you forgot the Sexy Transparent Adult Restraints.

You know it will be a hardcore session when your partner's hands and ankles are cuffed on the bedframes. Adding more to this lustful scene is the whipped cream on her legs, breasts, and pussy. And when you lick the cream off, my, oh my, it sure is the shortcut to the gates of heaven! What makes it more erotic is you containing her pleasure with these cuff accessories. The view of her pleased body struggling to move is indeed satisfying.

But before diving into the pleasure side of the restriction, it is imperative to find out what these cuffs have in store for the wearer. First, you can expect them to be of high quality with their PVC base material. They are hypoallergenic and phthalates-free. So there's no need to worry about your partner getting skin allergies. Next is the cuffs' versatility. You can adjust the tightness according to the wearer's size. This feature makes these toys convenient and comfortable to use. You can expect these products to have lasting durability too. All thanks to its outstanding craftsmanship. More so, you also have the option to choose the gears you wish to explore with your partner. You can either get the handcuffs or ankle cuffs. Or if one is not enough, you even get both sets of cuffs with a BDSM collar.

So, work hard, play harder. When drowning in stress, sweat it off and have sex. Don't forget to use sex toys like these restraints to keep your partner impressed. Add these products to your cart today!

Color Transparent and Black
Material PVC
Dimension Length:
Ankle Cuffs
Full Length- 13.78 inches (35 cm)
Adjustable Size- 9.84 - 11.81 inches (25 - 30 cm)
Hand Cuffs
Full Length- 11.81 inches (30 cm)
Adjustable Size- 7.09 - 9.65 inches (18 - 24.5 cm)
Collar: Adjustable from 12.60 to 18.50 inches (32 to 47 cm)
Chain's Length: 24.02 inches (61 cm)
Width/Diameter: 2.17 inches (5.5 cm)

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