Shock Therapy Estim Pads

Shock Therapy Estim Pads

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One of your partner's favorite things you do to him is when you give him a handjob. He groans loudly, and his eyes roll when he starts feeling your palm moving up and down his length. The faster you do it, the quicker he releases his load on your face.

But things have changed. Your man no longer yearns for your touch on his dick. And you wonder why. Is it because he tasted a sweeter, juicier clam, or is his sex drive declining?

Whatever reason he may have, it's time to steal his attention again! Grab your electrostimulation device and these Shock Therapy Estim Pads and make him and his cock yours once more! Once he sees you holding these tools, he'll be begging for your touch!

Compared to other male e-stim devices, these accessories aren't inserted into the urethra nor wrapped around the shaft and the balls. They're placed on the cock and the family jewels, making these tools much easier to use. Though they are applied that way, rest assured that the power they give is just as intense as e-stim penis plugs and rings.

Connect these pads to your electrostimulation unit using the cord. Position the paddings at your target area and turn on the powerbox. Start at the slowest pace before increasing the intensity. If your darling asks you to adjust the setting, do so. Ask him how he feels and keep the communication open.

Electrifying one's manhood is fun and exciting, especially when you see and hear him twitching and groaning from pleasure. But like any other kinky activity, not everyone likes it. It is advisable to talk and set all limitations with your partner before engaging in this game. He might have liked it before, but that doesn't mean he still enjoys it. Also, establish a safe word that means "stop."

Make your man want your touch again with these Shock Therapy Estim Pads. Grab a pair now!

Color/Type Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A