Silicone Kink Fantasy Pink Cuff

Silicone Kink Fantasy Pink Cuff

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Has your partner been very naughty lately? He can’t contain his horniness and has been watching porn for release. You have already talked about this matter. You both agreed to wait since it won’t be too long for you to come home. But now that he’s doing things behind your back, it’s time to get him the dose of his own medicine. As you go back home, make sure to have this Silicone Kink Fantasy Pink Cuff with you. Let him pay for the disobedience he manifested while you were away. If he wants to play, then do as he wishes to.

These handcuffs in pink are the best way to get your revenge. Its pink shade will put him in the subject of erotic humiliation. While his hands are tied, it’s time to tease his cock until it turns as hard as a rock. Give his dick a little lick and caress his body. Kiss him passionately on her erogenous spots. Don’t hesitate to sit on his lap. Tell something that will humiliate his cock. Remember, you can do whatever you want with his body because you are in complete control of it. Make him say please so he can give himself a sweet jizz release. When he’s teased this way, you know sex can go a long way.

As for these handcuffs’ based material, you don’t need to worry. They are silicone-based, making them body-safe. They are soft and sleek, too. It won’t give your partner a hard time as they won’t cause him pain or discomfort. With ensembles like these, you can focus your energy and enthusiasm on playing.

Another good thing about it is its lasting durability. It is sturdy enough to handle your partner’s sudden movements whenever he twitches when he can’t contain his horniness. And lastly, since it is flexible enough, you can store it easily inside your collection box.

Let him know that you take discipline in sex seriously. And that you ask him to do the same fervently. Drive him crazy with these handcuffs. Add them to your cart today!


Color Pink
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 9.84 inches
Width/Diameter: 2.95 inches