Stainless Bell Charm Nipple Piercing Rings
Stainless Bell Charm Nipple Piercing Rings
Stainless Bell Charm Nipple Piercing Rings
Stainless Bell Charm Nipple Piercing Rings

Stainless Bell Charm Nipple Piercing Rings

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Have you ever considered doing something out of the ordinary? Pretty girls like you are getting so much thrill and pleasure because they are fun-loving bitches. If you feel you deserve more than what you're getting now, maybe it's time to make a simple body modification. This will have a profound impact on your sexual life.

Adorn your tits with the Stainless Bell Charm Nipple Piercing Rings. These are flirty tit accessories that will transform you into an enchantress with chiming breasts. These stunning rings will impress you with their impeccably crafted designs.

Each smooth, flawless hoop has a diameter of 0.59 inch. Securing their closure is a captive bead, which is held in place by the pressure of the ends of the ring. Dangling from this bead is a bell, which chimes beautifully. Imagine two bells jingling as you are pounded from behind.

Each chiming nip accessory is polished to perfection, leaving no sharp edges or rough surfaces. In addition, since they are made of high-quality stainless steel, you won't feel any nasty itching. In addition, the metal is nickel- and lead-free. Additionally, if you are looking for durable nip adornments, this pair won't let you down since they are corrosion-resistant. Furthermore, they do not require frequent maintenance.

If you are looking for pieces to spice up your bedroom play, check these out. Since they measure 14G, which is the recommended size for teats, they are suitable for nip piercing. Though these are safe for body use, remember that getting them pierced into your delicate tissues can be risky. That is why you need a professional to do the job. The punctured nipples will only take a few weeks to heal, so during this period, your partner should resist the temptation to play with them. In no time, he can enjoy raisins more than ever.

Bring more fun and excitement into your intimate moments. Buy a pair now!


Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 1.18 inches (30 mm)
Hoop: 0.59 inch (15 mm)
Gauge: 0.06 inch (14G)
Package Inclusion 1 Pair of Nipple Rings