Studded Leather Bunny Mask

Studded Leather Bunny Mask

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How many movies have you seen where they feature a cute, furry rabbit? Seeing these movies triggers an unexplainable urge to have one. But your desire to have a bunny is beyond keeping one as a pet - you fantasize about mating with one. Good thing, you can now turn this animal-themed fantasy into reality using this Studded Leather Bunny Mask.

Whether a beginner or a long-time pet play enthusiast, this Studded Leather Bunny Mask will make your heart hop like a bunny in heat. This accessory is a half-face mask that resembles the delightful physical traits of a rabbit. The material is synthetic leather - making it look like a badass piece but still keeping it animal-friendly. It has metal rivets that add more allure to its overall look. It has an adjustable lock and fits most head sizes. The ears are standing upright, which means that this bunny senses something interesting. Perhaps, it's your rousing hunger to mate.

If you want to make your pet look more pleasing, you can also add more accessories like a collar or a rabbit tail butt plug. Whichever way you intend to enhance your pet play, remember that it has to be consensual. Knowing the boundaries of your kinky routines will help take away any awkwardness, thus keeping the experience fun and exciting.

This leather mask is not that hard to clean. You can sanitize the surface using a spray bottle and sprinkle a solution of water and soap. After that, you can use a damp towel to remove the soapy mixture. Get a soft and dry cloth to remove the moisture, or you can leave it out to dry. Store it in a place where there's no direct heat or sunlight to keep it as lovely as new.

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Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference: Adjustable