Super Elastic Wine Red Day Collar

Super Elastic Wine Red Day Collar

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It's a wet and rowdy night, and you're in the middle of making love with your partner. The intimacy is so intense that you can't help but moan louder. Then, out of nowhere, he placed his palm around your neck and grabbed it lightly as he thrusts his pelvis deep into yours. You thought about resisting, but something about it felt exhilarating - it made you want to ask for more. And so, you did. You placed your hand over his fingers as he continues to grip your neck, and you uttered the words, "Choke me harder!". And like an obedient genie, he grabbed you tighter. You thought you'd ran out of breath, but it turned you on. You can't moan as loud anymore, but you still tried. You felt helpless, but you gave up and let him do you. The feeling was so erotic - your eyes rolled as you felt orgasm devouring your pussy. By far, it's the strongest one you've felt in years. And now that you've had a taste of it, you'd want it over and over again.

If you like the feeling of a little tension around your neck at any time of the day, then you should get this Super Elastic Wine Red Day Collar. Its material is spandex, so it's tensile and elastic. Plus, its design is highly adjustable, giving you the liberty to adjust the tightness according to your desire. With its seductive wine red tone, it will match any type or color of blouse you wear outside. There's an O-ring at the front, which you can utilize to hang a pendant or charm and make this collar more stylish and unique.

But this accessory gets more exciting to use when the lights are out. You can adjust it tighter for some bondage kink in your bedroom and ask your partner to attach a leash to the O-ring. You can even role-play and wear other accessories or costumes to make the scene wilder.

Enjoy the fun of bondage both erotically and fashionably. Get this Super Elastic Wine Red Day Collar now!

Color Red and Gold
Material Spandex
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

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