Wild Golden Ox Chastity Cage
Wild Golden Ox Chastity Cage
Wild Golden Ox Chastity Cage
Wild Golden Ox Chastity Cage
Wild Golden Ox Chastity Cage
Wild Golden Ox Chastity Cage
Wild Golden Ox Chastity Cage
Wild Golden Ox Chastity Cage

Wild Golden Ox Chastity Cage

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Even if you're the slave in your foreplay, you deserve something extravagant, too. If you're being chastised by your partner, you might as well get a device that will still make you look attractive, seductive—and regal!

Let's change the notion that slaves should not own gold pieces of jewelry. With Wild Golden Ox Chastity Cage, feel elegant and royal as you flaunt your caged dick to your partner! Imagine getting chastised with gold, isn't that gorgeous?

This sex device is made of high-quality stainless steel, polished and gold-plated to perfection so the wearer would feel like a noble while wearing it. It has blue gems at its tip that serve as the ox's eyes, making it look like an expensive piece of art!

The entire mechanism comes with a ring, a cage, and a padlock with keys. The ring acts as the holder of the balls and a binder to the cock jail. The tubular holed plate, on the other hand, covers the shaft and glans. And lastly, the padlock secures the device from falling off of your cock. It's safe to use as it has holes that serve as windows to allow the penis to get some fresh air to breathe while being locked.

Wear this toy as to how you would wear a penis sleeve, except this time you need to lock it. First, carefully slot your balls into the ring and make sure the ring sits snugly behind your ball sack. Next, place your dick into the cage. Insert the parting rod through the small hole on top of the penis, then lock the device using the padlock. Make sure to keep the key, and don't lose it!

Once you're through using the chastity device, clean it by washing it with water and mild soap. Ensure its dryness before storing it in its box to avoid corrosion and rust.

Come to think of it—you're being imprisoned, and yet you're given a tool that's cheap-looking? Give yourself some dignity by owning Wild Golden Ox Chastity Cage. Get this piece at an affordable price now!

Color/Type Gold
Material Metal
Dimension Length: 3.15 inches (80mm)
Cage Width: 1.58 inches
Ring Dimension:
A: 1.97 inches (50mm)
B: 1.77 inches (45mm)
C: 1.57 inches (40mm)

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