Thick Cotton Sex Toy Rope
Thick Cotton Sex Toy Rope
Thick Cotton Sex Toy Rope
Thick Cotton Sex Toy Rope

Thick Cotton Sex Toy Rope

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Expression comes in many forms. Some do paintings, sculptures, body arts, and a whole lot more. But others standing on the kinky side use bondage as a form of art. The non-kinksters will not understand anything about this skill.

But, these thrill-seekers find binding and exhibitionism pleasurable. And if you and your partner want to try this kind of expression too, then this Thick Cotton Sex Toy Rope is indeed a must-have.

You can never go wrong with using rope when it comes to bondage. Because unlike its other fancy counterparts like cuffs, pillory, and body bags, they are versatile. You and your partner can perform as many positions as you want. Your partner can both be on lying or even on suspended formation. You can try to tie her with the classic damsel, crab tie, strappado, and so much more. And just like the other kinksters out there, you can perform these tricks in front of like-minded people too. It would be such an excellent opportunity to bond with the community that shares the same kinks. Indeed with a cord such as this one, the sky is the limit regarding binding skills and creativity.

You can expect this rope to be soft and smooth on the skin. All thanks to its cotton base material. What is even fascinating about this is you can choose the string's thickness according to your preference. And unlike other cords that you will find in hardware, this one is perfect for bondage as it is skin-friendly.

But before going through the process of binding your partner, it is a must to study the pattern first to ensure her safety. Plan out everything with her in a detailed manner to know what to expect and give her time to prepare herself for it. Tackle all the rules, assign safe words, and know her boundaries. Doing all these will help you not to go beyond her limit.

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Color Beige
Material Cotton
Dimension Length: 10 meters
S- 0.47 inch (12 mm)
M- 0.59 inch (15 mm)
L- 0.71 inch (18 mm)
XL- 0.79 inch (20 mm)