Vibrating Ball Stretcher Weights
Vibrating Ball Stretcher Weights
Vibrating Ball Stretcher Weights
Vibrating Ball Stretcher Weights

Vibrating Ball Stretcher Weights

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As a mistress, you have always thought that the best way to gain complete control over your Slave's body is through the use of restraints.

But here's a sad fact: You can't control everything just like that. You may have obtained authority over your Sub's mobility, but sadly, you cannot always do the same with his erection and orgasm. And that's the reason why not everything could go as planned. There are times that his cock's hardness won't be able to keep up with the game, or he ejaculates before you even reach cloud-nine. ​

Well, it's about time to amp your Slave's game. Do it the sadist's way. Let him experience the weight of the world on his manhood with this Vibrating Ball Stretcher Weights.

This product is made of Silica Gel and ABS, base materials known to be soft and supple. But what makes it an outstanding tool to use for training is its versatility. It can accommodate most dick sizes with its stretchable ring.

Now the question is, how do you use this piece properly? First, you have to slide the ring in the desired position. Then, you can place it on the root or the glans, depending on the weights and his readiness. And speaking of weights, under the ring, you can find two hanging hoops meant to carry the metal balls of different ranges of heaviness. For safe training, putting on loads should be done gradually. Doing it this way will your Sub avoid penile injury. Once he is ready, torment his dick even more by turning on the mini bullet vibrator. You can even pull the last metal ball load and insert it inside his anus for perineum and prostate stimulation.

The results of using this product may vary. But it targets to enhance your Slave's performance in bed by adding stamina to his dick. More so, he will experience control over his ejaculation and firmer erectile projection.

Indeed with this training tool, you can finally rest assured that your Sub will last the whole playtime. So what are you still waiting for? Grab this one now!

Color/Type Black
Material Silica Gel
Dimension Length: 7.48 inches (190 mm)
Vibrator: 1.69 inches (43 mm)
Ball Weight: 1.34 inches (34 mm)

0.06 lbs. (26 g)
0.09 lbs. (39 g)
0.11 lbs. (49 g)
0.14 lbs. (62 g)
0.16 lbs. (73 g)

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